How to Be Beautiful When You Wake Up

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on September 23, 2011

True beauty is not applied, bought or worked for — it is the natural consequence of healthy habits and a good attitude. There is no quick fix for enhancing the type of beauty that endures regardless of the situation. Strive for a natural and healthy beauty and discover how to be beautiful — even when you wake up.

Get your Z’s. Nothing makes the most of your natural gifts more than a proper night’s rest. The term beauty sleep actually has ground in truth. The National Sleep Foundation states that the average adult needs from seven to nine hours of sleep each night. A proper night’s rest ensures the rejuvenation time needed to repair daily stresses and damage. Sleep in a cool, darkened room and follow other good sleep hygiene practices to make the most of slumber time.

Prepare your face. Remove make-up, dirt and grime every evening before you go to bed. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer on your fresh, clean face to hydrate your skin while you slumber. Use a rich formula all over the face, lips and even eyelashes. Petroleum jelly and old-school cold creams will do the trick just as well as fancy, high-priced products.

Silk pillowcases prevent wrinkling. Sleeping on your side or stomach can stress delicate facial skin and create creases and wrinkles. Wake up beautiful every morning by sleeping on your back and using a low-friction, silk pillowcase. Your face will thank you.

Eat right and drink plenty of water. Drinking adequate amounts of water and minimizing salt, sugar and simple carbohydrates will keep the fluid levels in the body in perfect equilibrium. Retained fluids blur the natural contours of the face and hide true beauty. The retention of fluids is even more damaging to beauty when you lie down for extended periods of time, such as during sleep. A proper diet, rich in vegetables and fruit and high in fiber and water, provides optimal nutrition and increases your chances for waking up beautiful.

Wake with a smile. Like many things, smiling is a habit you can develop at any age. Don’t worry if you’re normally a bit cranky before 8 a.m. — smile first, and the feeling of happiness and look of true beauty will be quick to follow.

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