How to Choose Wedding Rings for Men

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on March 8, 2013
how to choose wedding rings for men

When it comes to weddings, most of the attention tends to go toward ensuring that the bride has an amazing day. Choosing the wedding rings, however, is one task that is equally relevant to the bride and the groom. Selecting the right jewelry for a man is never easy, and this is no exception. If you are looking for ideas on how to choose a wedding ring for a man, these simple tips may help you.

Selecting the right metal. Men’s wedding rings are most commonly made from gold, titanium, platinum or silver. Choosing the right metal is not just a matter of aesthetics. Gold is the most popular choice for men’s wedding rings, due to its durability. Gold, especially 18-karat gold, is more expensive, however, which for a man’s ring could be prohibitive. Titanium is much lighter and harder and tends not to irritate skin. Silver may appeal more to a man’s style, but tends to be less durable.

How the ring will be worn. While most women wear their wedding ring at all times, men tend to be different. Some men will only wear their wedding ring for show or for special occasions, whereas others will want to wear it all the time. It also is important to think about men’s activities. Tradesmen and mechanics may need to wear a ring that could easily be cut off in an emergency, for example.

Comfort. It is vital that a wedding ring is comfortable to wear. This generally depends on the shape and width of the ring. A comfortable ring design will feature softly rounded edges. A flat band can still have a slightly rounded edge for maximum comfort. Ensure that the ring is the right size by having a fitting. The larger the hand and fingers, then the wider the band will normally need to be.

Design. The design of the wedding ring is important, too. For starters, you may want the ring to match the bride’s ring in some way. This can be quite tricky, but matching the metal type could be a good compromise. Gemstones are less common in men’s wedding rings, and their fragile nature may make them unsuitable. Patterns and inscriptions can be very popular and may suit more ornate tastes than a simple band.

A wedding ring is a significant investment. Making the right choice is just as important for the man as it is the woman, so choose wisely.