How to Conserve Natural Resources

Home & Family, Living Green
on November 4, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has challenged citizens to reduce more waste, reuse and recycle more, and buy more recycled and recyclable products. These easy eco-friendly tips from the EPA will help you achieve this challenge and conserve natural resources.

Reduce packaging. Although you can't control how manufacturers package their products, you can reduce the amount of packaging in the products you buy by purchasing in bulk when possible.

Reduce toxicity. Find ways to help reduce toxins in the environment. Recycling batteries, for example, or using batteries with low mercury content are two simple things anyone can do.

Buy reusable products. Paper towels, paper plates and paper cups can only be used once, then they pile up in neighborhood landfills. Choose reusable plates, cups and towels instead.

Think quality. Buy items that will stand the test of time. Durable sports equipment, furniture and clothes need replacement less frequently than lower quality products.

Reuse products. Old dish towels can be transformed into a shop rag. Food containers can be used to hold crayons and craft items. Clothes that no longer fit can be donated or resold. The possibilities are endless.

Don't throw away automatically. Automotive products such as motor oil, antifreeze and batteries can be recycled. There's sure to be a recycling location near you.

Buy recycled materials. Support companies that use recycled materials in manufacturing. Look for products that carry the recycled seal.

Compost. Natural waste can be converted into rich soil. Learn how to make a compost pile.

Drive wisely. Avoid high speeds, inflate your tires, use air conditioning only when needed, carpool, and walk or bike when possible.

Buy local. Food grown locally tastes better and doesn't need to be transported halfway around the world to get to your table.

Try these conservation tips, and you'll probably discover even more ways to conserve natural resources.