How to Fly a Kite

Featured Article, Kids, Outdoors, Seasonal
on March 31, 2013

Flying a kite is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Pick your place. “Look for a big, open space without obstacles such as power lines, trees, buildings and roadways,” says David Gomberg, owner of Gomberg Kite Productions in Neotsu, Ore. “Beaches are optimal, because there’s nothing to block the wind as it’s coming off the ocean. But you also can find good kite-flying conditions in a big schoolyard, in an open park or along a lakeshore.”

2. Launch your kite. “Have someone else hold the kite while you walk away and let out the line until you’re about 50 to 70 feet apart,” Gomberg says. Then signal the other person to let go. Pull in on the line, and the kite should lift with the breeze—no running required.

3. Adjust your altitude. To increase altitude, simply let out a little line, then pull it back in. Gently pump the line this way until the kite reaches a height with a good, smooth wind. Then kick back and enjoy your flight.