How to Hire a Wedding Planner

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on February 17, 2013
how to hire a wedding planner

Organizing a wedding may be one of the most stressful activities that you ever undertake, so it pays to think of ways to make the whole process quicker and easier. One solution may be to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner should bring a wealth of experience to the role and can help you arrange the perfect wedding. Read on for some simple tips on how to find and hire a wedding planner.

Talk to people you know. Personal experience is probably one of the most valuable ways to find out whether a service provider is honest, reputable and worth the worth the money. Talk to friends, colleagues or family members about their wedding planning experiences. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about the their planner.

Conduct interviews. Some people feel awkward about interviewing service providers, but a good wedding planner will expect to be heavily vetted. Talk to the individual first to learn more about her experience and skills, and decide whether this is somebody that you feel comfortable dealing with before going any further. If you are pleased with what you hear, arrange to meet the planner and get to know them better. Trust your instincts.

Follw up references. If you have no personal recommendations for a wedding planner, follow up with her references. Contact her previous clients and ask whether they would discuss their experiences. If a wedding planner is unable (or unwilling) to give you contact details for previous clients, you should be suspicious. Your may also consult the Internet to find out whether people are talking about the person, positively or otherwise.

Define roles. Establish what the planner will and will not do and what’s expected before the wedding and on your wedding day. Make a few suggestions and get a feel for whether the planner listens to your requests and how she responds. You want a creative planner who can offer suggestions, and also someone who will honor your ideas for your big day.

Compare bids. Price is certainly not everything, but you cannot ignore how much using the services of a wedding planner are going to cost. Obtain multiple bids, if possible, to decide what is reasonable and what you can afford to pay. Even if you find a wedding planner that you really like, make it clear that you are considering other people. This will send a signal that you are not prepared to pay any price.

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