How to Keep Christmas Trees Fresh

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on December 4, 2005

Follow these guidelines and your Christmas conifer is likely to last until the New Year.

  • Before choosing a tree, decide where it will be displayed and measure the size of the space.
  • At the farm or lot, look for trees with a rich, green color and few loose needles. All trees shed some needles, but if you end up with a handful, the tree is overly dry. Freshness matters most.
  • After selecting your tree, cut 1/4 inch off the trunk, immediately secure in tree stand and water. Water daily with regular tap water.
  • Keep the tree away from vents and other heat sources. Use miniature lights to decorate, because they create less heat than large lights.
  • Always turn off the lights on the tree before leaving home or going to bed to prevent premature drying and an electrical fire.

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