How to Make Up Your Eyes

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on January 9, 2012

Every woman can create three looks with her eye makeup to take her from day to night as well as give her the “natural” look.

Colors for day/work. Choose daytime shades that flatter your eye color. Brown eyes look great in beige, tan, bronze, mauve and heather green. Blue eyes will be enhanced by light pink/rose, violet, gray and taupe, while green eyes can be shadowed with light browns and greens, soft plum and even apricot/bronze shades.

Daytime. Daytime makeup should look professional but not over the top. Remember, your daytime or work look should enhance your natural beauty and be able to last throughout the day with minimal touch-ups. Use a lighter shade on the lids with a slightly darker shade for the crease. Opt for a subtle liner color for daytime, shades of cocoa, gray or a deep hunter green. Black, violet and shimmering gold liners work better for an evening look. Choose smudge-proof mascara for daytime, especially if you are prone to rubbing your eyes while working.

Daytime tips. A touch of iridescent white or the palest pink shimmer at the inner corner of your eye (near the nose) can help create a wide-awake look, even when your eyes are tired. Applying a light layer of foundation to your lids under your eye shadow can help your eye makeup stay put throughout a long day of work and activities.

Colors for evening. For dramatic evening eye makeup, brown eyes can be enhanced with rich, deep colors in shades of purple, midnight blue, dark chocolate and emerald green. A shimmering gold shadow works for both brown eyes and green eyes. Green eyes will sparkle under the stars in dark browns and royal purples. Bring out the best of blue eyes with shades of sparkling silver and shimmering icy whites. Blue eyes can look beautiful shadowed with shades of dark gray, turquoise and aqua.

Evening tips. Evening makeup takes your daytime look and kicks it up a notch. Go ahead and be bold! Try a smoky eye for a dramatic nighttime look. Professional makeup artist Christopher Drummond suggests jewel tones on the tops of the eyes, but only up to the crease. A sponge applicator works great for lining the lid, but an eye shadow brush works better for shimmering highlights. To get the deepest color, moisten a clean sponge applicator and then apply a layer of your dry shadow. When applying mascara for night, double-coat your lashes for a thicker look.

The “natural” look. For a natural look, try shadows in neutral or warm tones. Select three shadow colors; the medium is applied to the lid, a slightly darker shade to the crease and a highlighting shade to just under the brow. The key for the natural look to work is to blend your shades so there are no definitive lines between each color. Line your eyes with a soft brown or taupe liner and finish with a light coat of mascara to match your lash color.

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