How to Set Up Your Own Haunted House

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on October 13, 2014
How to Create Your Own Haunted House

Amber Arnett-Bequeaith of Full Moon Productions shares creepy-crawly creations you can make at home. For more on Full Moon Productions, check out the article link below!


Dress scarecrows as family members and place them in your front yard.

Carve tombstones out of Styrofoam, drive stakes through the middle and plant them in the yard. Never write your name on one, though, Arnett-Bequeaith warns. It’s bad luck!

Cover trees in fake cobwebs and decorate with plastic spiders of various sizes.

Hide a mini-fogger and strobe light near the front door and play Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Install a cheap, noise-making doorknocker, preferably one with a motion detector.


Scour vintage shops for old brown medicine jars and label them with fun, eerie potion names.

Prop a plastic or rubber skeleton on top of a chair.

Embellish a black Christmas tree and arrange decorated pumpkins (gifts for trick-or-treaters) beneath.

Stencil designs on pumpkins with black, gold and silver paints. Arnett- Bequeaith lines her staircase with some 30 Halloween gourds with orange andblack ribbons tied to their stems. “After Halloween, I give them away as Thanksgiving gifts to my family and friends for their table or entry centerpieces,” she says.