How to Walk Your Dog

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on March 18, 2013
how to walk your dog

For dog owners, walking the dog is almost certainly one of the highlights of having a canine friend. While there may be occasional jaunts in the pouring rain, generally, these walks are a great boost to the dog and its owner. It is always important to make sure you get the most from this activity, though. Here are some tips about walking the dog properly.

Plan ahead. Choose a route that is fun for you and the dog. If possible, try to mix things up a little, and have a variety of different walks. Make sure that your route includes plenty of open space, where your dog can run free. Always make sure that your dog is permitted to run free, too, and avoid areas where there may be restrictions.

Allow time to walk and rest. Remember that your walk should not be a military exercise to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Take time to play with your dog so that he has plenty of fun, interactive activities. Not only will this provide exercise for your furry friend, but it also will stimulate his mind. Relaxation is fine, too. Do not be afraid to sit down and rest together for a while.

Be prepared. Wear comfortable walking shoes, as well as waterproof clothes if there is a chance of rain. Take drinking water for both of you. One bottle should be enough, but remember to cup your hand for water for your canine friend, or find something suitable for him to drink out of. Take a treat or chew on long walks so that he can boost his energy levels, too. Do not forget to take a plastic bag that you can use to collect and dispose of his poop. Always clear up after him.

Stay alert. It does not matter how well trained your dog is, he may still behave erratically around traffic, animals, other dogs and other people. Keep him on a leash around traffic or children, and only allow him to run free where there are no hazards. Stay away from busy roads. Don’t expect other people to share your love of your dog either. To strangers, he may seem intimidating, so keep that in mind at all times.

By bearing these simple tips in mind, you should ensure many happy hours of walking together. You can rest assured that you will both feel better for it, too.