Actor-musician Hugh Laurie

Celebrity Q&A, People
on September 24, 2011

How did House star Hugh Laurie get involved in music? I know he plays with a group of actors in the Band From TV.
—Valerie Hacker, Flint, Mich.

It all began for Laurie, 52, as a young man listening to blues music on the radio in his home in England.

"The first artist that I really got into when I was very young was Muddy Waters," he says. Surprisingly, in this age of the iPod, Laurie has returned to listening to the radio. "I think there is something slightly corrosive about the whole iPod experience of surrounding yourself with only your favorites. We should, all of us, be brought up against different things, new things, things you've never heard, and the radio is a wonderful way to do that."

Laurie, who plays piano, guitar, drums, harmonica and saxophone, shows off his piano skills on his debut album, Let Them Talk, released in May. But if you prefer to watch rather than listen, then check out the Sept. 30 PBS special, Great Performances: Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk—A Celebration of New Orleans Blues.