Rapper-Actor Ice-T

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on August 20, 2006

I have always been fascinated with Ice-T and his role on Law and Order. Seems to me there is not much difference between his character and his personal life.
—Angela Fesperman, Livingston, Texas

Ice-T, 48, is definitely like the reformed gangster he plays on TV's Law and Order. Born Tracy Morrow in New Jersey, his parents died when he was very young. An only child sent to live with relatives in Los Angeles, he became involved in the notorious Crips gang before spending three years in the Army. His 1980s hardcore rap records gave him the reputation as rap's "original gangsta" before he transitioned into acting and his breakthrough role in the 1994 movie Surviving the Game. In recent years he established two intervention programs in Los Angeles for at-risk children, Hands Across Watts and South Central Love.