Everybody Hates Chris’ Star Imani Hakim

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on December 23, 2007

Q I love the show Everybody Hates Chris. What can you tell me about the little girl who plays the little sister? Has she been in anything else?
—Alice Nugent, Jim Thorpe, Pa.

Newcomer Imani Hakim, 14, was born in Cleveland and went to Hollywood in 2005, accompanied by her father, to follow her dream of becoming an actress. After dozens of auditions and rejections, she and her dad had run out of money and were living in their vehicle, making plans to return to Ohio and rejoin the rest of their family. Then she landed her big break, cast as the precocious Tanya Rock in the CW network's Everybody Hates Chris. She had a small part earlier this year in the Adam Sandler movie Reign Over Me. She, her father and her two brothers now live in California—in a house.