‘Into the Cold’ DVD Review

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on March 16, 2013

“Into the Cold”
DVD ($24.98)

Chronicling the amazing overland trek of explorers Sebastian Copeland and Keith Heger to commemorate the centennial of Admiral Robert Peary’s historic trip to the North Pole, this award-winning documentary details the preparation, execution and completion of one of the most physically and mentally challenging journeys—the last 400 miles have to be hiked on foot—possible on the planet. (How hard is it? In the last century, only 150 people have made it.) A dramatic, powerful and riveting tale of human derring-do, it’s also a stark reminder that it may very well be one of the last times anyone will go to the effort to attempt, or be able to complete, such an arduous, dangerous trip—rising atmospheric temperatures are melting away Arctic ice at a rate that will soon make future North Pole expeditions impossible. (For info, go to intothecold.org)