Is Beth Behrs Anything Like Her Character on ‘2 Broke Girls’?

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on October 31, 2013

Is Beth Behrs anything like her character Caroline Channing on “2 Broke Girls”?
—Connor James, Provo, Utah

If you mean did Beth Behrs, 27, grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth, the answer is no. She elaborates, saying, “The biggest difference for me is Caroline came from a billionaire background and went to nothing. I can relate to the nothing part, to being broke, but it was hard for me to imagine what her [before] life would have been like.”

Another difference is that Behrs is not a New Yorker. Rather, she was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and grew up in Marin County, California. And while Caroline attended Wharton Business School, Behrs, who has had a passion for performing since she was very young, attended the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) in San Francisco, Cal Arts in Valencia, California, followed by UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television.

Yet a third difference is that while Caroline is still working to make her dream come true, for Behrs, “2 Broke Girls” is her dream coming true.

“I’ve loved acting since I was a little kid,” she says. “I’m just happy that I actually now get paid to do it every day, as opposed to just doing it for fun, and then having to work a side job.”

Even with all the differences, Behrs says there is something they have in common. Like Caroline, she considers herself to be an upbeat person.

“I think I’ve become even more optimistic as Beth, as a result of playing Caroline for so long,” says the actress, who admits to writing letters to producers in her early teen years. “I can relate to her work ethic and drive. I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was a little kid, so I’ve always had business savvy.”

In addition to “2 Broke Girls,” Behrs, who currently resides in Los Angeles, has appeared in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Castle” and in the features films “American Pie: Book of Love” and “Serial Buddies.”