Is it OK to Take a $27,000 Vacation?

Featured Article, Finance, Home & Family
on October 1, 2012

Dear Dave,
My wife is 34 and has terminal cancer. She doesn’t have much time left. We’ve followed your plan, and so far we have $38,000 in our nest egg. I want to use $27,000 of this to take her on a dream vacation, but even though I have a good job and we have great insurance, she says I’ll need the money when she’s gone. What should we do?
—Luke in Nashville, Tenn.

Dave Says: This is a no-brainer. Take her on vacation. You have the cash sitting there, plus you’re the breadwinner. That means you’ll have the ability to make more money when you get home. Absolutely, you’re going on this vacation. Your wife is a sweet, smart woman. And I am so sorry you guys have to go through this nightmare. But I want you both to think about something. Looking back, would you rather have those precious memories and pictures, or $27,000? This trade represents your love and your value system, and you two have worked hard and sacrificed to have the money to be in this position. Buy the tickets and tell her to pack her bags, Luke. God bless you both!