‘Gulliver’s Travels’

on May 6, 2011
Jack Black stars in <i>Gulliver's Travels.</i>

Jack Black puts his signature comedic twist on the classic tale of a shipwrecked sailor in Hollywood’s latest version of Gulliver’s Travels.

To impress a pretty travel editor (Amada Peet), Lemuel Gulliver, an underachieving mailroom clerk at a large metropolitan newspaper, accepts a writing assignment that sends him into a nasty Bermuda Triangle storm.

When he wakes up alone on a beach, he’s surprised to discover he’s a giant among an island nation of teeny tiny people, the Lilliputians, whose princess (Emily Blunt) is pining away in her castle for a commoner (Jason Segel) she’s been forbidden to court.  

Gulliver goes from being a feared colossus to a party-throwing, matchmaking, peace-spreading hero.

The “new” Gulliver cuts a fresh contemporary swath of pop-cultural references through Jonathan Swift’s original story, a masterpiece of social critique. But Swift’s Gulliver didn’t have an iPhone, a fondness for foosball, or a passion for Guitar Hero—and he certainly wouldn’t have burst into a building-shaking boogaloo to the ’70s Edwin Starr song “War (What Is It Good For?).”

If reading Gulliver’s Travels in high school had been this much fun, there would have been no need for CliffNotes!  

DVD extras include bloopers and gags, eight deleted scenes and several documentaries.

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