Actor Jack Kelly

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on September 30, 2001

What can you tell me about Jack Kelly of the old television series Maverick, which also starred James Garner? Is he still alive? What are his other acting credits?
—Joe R., North Carolina

Jack Kelly, the colorful, gruff-talking actor who played Bart Maverick, died from a stroke at 65 in 1992. A New York native, Kelly was born into an entertainment family. His father was a theater ticket broker and his mother was a model and stage actress. His sister is Nancy Kelly, the Tony Award-winning stage actress. He attended UCLA until the Army drafted him. Kelly was honorably discharged in 1946 and soon got a part on the television show Philco Playhouse. His film career includes the movies Fighting Men of the Plains and The Country Girl. In his later years, Kelly found success in the world of politics, serving as councilman and mayor of Huntington Beach, Calif. He left behind a wife and daughter.