Famous Dogs in Movies TV Shows

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on February 20, 2012

The dog in the movie The Artist reminds me of Eddie on TV's Frasier. Any relation?

—Noreen Brown, Burbank, Calif.

If you are asking if the two dogs are related&emdash;actually three, because Eddie was first played by Moose and then by Moose's son, Enzo&emdash;the answer would be no, but all three dogs are Jack Russell terriers, so there is a definite resemblance. Uggie, who steals some of the show in the new movie The Artist, has a film resume that also includes appearances in Mr. Fix It with David Boreanaz and Water for Elephants with Robert Pattinson.

Uggie was such a hit in The Artist that Movieline magazine began a tongue-in-cheek "Consider Uggie" Oscar campaign, which caught interest on the Internet even though the dog isn't really eligible. He did, however, take home the Palm Dog Award, presented each year at the Cannes Film Festival by international critics.

"When I was making the movie, I didn't realize how important the dog was going to be," says French director Michel Hazanavicius. "But when I screened the movie, the character of the dog became really important and everyone was talking about it."