Band Leader Jack Sheldon

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on September 7, 2011

My children and I watched Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s and remember a song, “I’m Just a Bill,” about how an idea becomes a law. I have been wondering for over 30 years, who was the voice?
—Frances Ringer, Bagdad, Ky.

Renown trumpeter, actor and bandleader Jack Sheldon, 79, was the full-bodied singing voice in the Schoolhouse Rock! “It’s Just a Bill” video, as well as other educational titles including “Conjunction Junction” and “Busy Prepositions.” Sheldon, the longtime musical director and comedic foil for Merv Griffin on his daytime talk show, has been a legendary part of the West Coast bebop jazz scene since the 1950s and still sings and performs on the trumpet at local jazz bars and intimate nightspots in Los Angeles.