Singer-producer Jack White

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on April 17, 2005

Who is Jack White, in Loretta Lynn's videos Portland, Oregon and I Miss Being Mrs. Tonight?
—Claudia C., Oklahoma

Jack White, 29, is one half of the rock duo called the White Stripes, with whom Loretta Lynn, 70, recorded Van Lear Rose, which recently won the Grammy for Best Country Album. Detroit-born White arranged and produced the album, and sang the duet Portland, Oregon. While it seemed an unlikely pairing, White has been a lifelong fan of Lynn's, reportedly watching her biographical movie, Coal Miner's Daughter, over and over at age 9 and vowing to work with her one day. He dedicated his band's 2001 album, White Blood Cells, to Lynn and then invited her to perform at a White Stripes show in New York, where they talked about collaborating. She has said that White's production method was very reminiscent of early producer Owen Bradley, and she and White have suggested there will be two more pairings in the future.