‘Jackson 5ive’ Blu-ray Review

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on January 25, 2013
Photo Credit: DreamWorks Classics

Jackson 5ive
Blu-ray + DVD ($39.99)

One of the hottest pop groups of the ’70s didn’t have to do much to become a Saturday morning cartoon. The Jackson Five simply gave their permission for Rankin/Bass animation studios, Motown and the ABC network to come up with the storylines, outsource the production, use other voices instead of the Jacksons’, and voilá—soon little cartoon Michael and his four brothers were off and running on increasingly outlandish adventures, including building a robot to take their place at concerts, getting shrunk to micro size a la “Fantastic Voyage,” and living out a Jack and the Beanstalk fantasy with a handful of magic beans. Now available for the first time on DVD or Blu-ray, this collection includes all 23 episodes of the show’s 1971-72 run on both formats, and 46 Jackson Five songs, including “ABC,” “I Want You Back,” “Never Can Say Goodbye,” “Rockin’ Robin” and other gems pulled from the group’s hot hit singles and albums at the time.