Actor Jake Gyllenhaal

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on September 23, 2001

We read that Jake Gyllenhaal is in the movie Bubble Boy. Didn't John Travolta star in that role early in his career?
—Judy and Darryl E., Kansas

You're very close. Travolta starred in the 1976 made-for-TV drama Boy in the Plastic Bubble, where he portrayed a boy who grew up in the sterile environment of a "bubble" due to a deficient immune system. The Disney movie Bubble Boy, however, is similar only with respect to the sterile "bubble" idea. In fact, the latter is a romantic comedy and shows "bubble boy" setting out in a "bubble suit" on an adventure to confess his love to a girl before she marries. Twenty-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the movie, which hit theaters last month. Gyllenhaal, who resides in Los Angeles, is a hot commodity in Hollywood these days and stars in other upcoming films, including The Good Girl opposite Jennifer Aniston.