Ask AP: Jalen Rose

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on December 29, 2008

What is former NBA player Jalen Rose doing now that he’s no longer on the basketball court? I loved

watching him with the Bulls.

—Phillip Grant, Kankakee, Ill.

Rose, 35, who played for six professional basketball teams during his 13-year career, has been busy since leaving the court in 2007. He serves as a sports commentator for ABC/ESPN, oversees his own clothing line, runs a Los Angeles-based media production company and writes a style column for Hoop magazine. And his Jalen Rose Foundation awards more than $50,000 annually in scholarships to youth in his hometown of Detroit. “It’s important that people with influential roles in society take the initiative to help others in need,” says Rose, who’s been cited several times by The Sporting News as one of the National Basketball Association’s “Good Guys.”