Actor Jamie Denton

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on November 3, 2002

Please give us some information on the gorgeous man who played the judge—Kim Delaney's boyfriend—on Philly.
—Ginny H., Michigan

Philly's Jamie Denton is a Tennessee native now living in North Hollywood, where he remodels houses, scuba dives, and climbs in his spare time. As Judge Ripley, the love interest of Kathleen Cavanaugh (Kim Delaney), Denton generated a lot of buzz. Denton, 39, graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and sold ads for radio stations for four years before embarking upon an acting career. He headed to Chicago for his big break and served a stint as a company member of The Griffin Theater and Strawdog Theater Ensemble. Television viewers have been captivated by the actor in The Pretender, in which he played Mr. Lyle. He also re-created that role in two TNT Pretender movies. He has appeared in guest roles on JAG, Ally McBeal, and West Wing. ABC chose not to renew Philly after its debut season.