Actresses Jami Gertz and Alyssa Milano

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on November 2, 2003

My husband and I have a bet. I told him that the wife on Still Standing is the same woman who played Sam, Tony Danza’s daughter on Who’s the Boss, years ago. My husband says it’s not. Who is right?

—Joe and Cindie H., New York

In this case, your husband is correct. Jami Gertz plays the wife on the CBS sitcom Still Standing. Alyssa Milano played Tony Danza’s daughter on Who’s the Boss and now stars in Charmed on The WB. Gertz, 37, won a national talent search conducted by producer Norman Lear and made her movie debut in the 1981 film Endless Love, as did Tom Cruise. In her teens, she co-starred in the comedy Square Pegs as a snotty high school student and went on to study drama at New York University. She’s had notable guest-starring roles on Seinfeld and ER and was nominated for an Emmy for her guest stint on Ally McBeal. Gertz recently starred in the mini-series Gilda Radner: It’s Always Something. Her movie credits include The Lost Boys and Less Than Zero. She’s also been in several stage productions. The Chicago native lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three sons.