Chef Jamie Oliver

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on July 7, 2002

Could you give me some information on the man known as The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver? Who is the pretty girl who's often seen with him on the show? Is he married? How old is he?
—Bess P., Arizona

The 27-year-old from Cambridge, England, married childhood sweetheart Jools in 2000. They are new parents of a baby, named Poppy Honey, born March 18. Jools is probably the background girl you have seen on the show, says the show's publicist. At 8, Oliver already was working in the kitchen of his parents' restaurant and went to Westminster Catering College when he was 16. After appearing in a documentary about River Café, the acclaimed restaurant where he worked, he was approached to participate in what would become the first Naked Chef series. His companion book, The Naked Chef, was number one on the bestseller list for more than 10 weeks. The "naked" in the titles refers to his style of food, which is stripped down to the bare essentials, and not the chef himself. Oliver is the food editor for British GQ and Marie Claire in the UK, as well as a regular columnist for the Saturday Times Magazine. His new Food Network series, Oliver's Twist, which debuted May 14, "blends the culture and style of London street life with interesting people and delectable food," according to the Food Network. In his spare time, he plays drums with his high school buddies in a band called Scarlet Division.