Actress Jane Kaczmarek

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on August 5, 2001

I recently saw Jane Kaczmarek on a talk show. She's great. I heard her husband is on The West Wing. Who is he?
—Jeannette N., Louisiana

Jane Kaczmarek is married to Brad Whitford, who plays Josh Lyman on The West Wing. Kaczmarek stars as the no-nonsense mom in Malcolm in the Middle. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin and received a graduate degree in drama from Yale. Besides Malcolm in the Middle, Kaczmarek also has been a series regular on Equal Justice and Hometown. Her film credits include Pleasantville, The Chamber, and Vice Versa. Whitford is a Juilliard-trained actor. He has a bachelor's degree in theater and English literature from Wesleyan University. Ironically, Whitford also starred in the Broadway production of The West Wing and creator Aaron Sorkin's A Few Good Men. Film credits include The Muse and Bicentennial Man. He also has guest-starred in ER, The X Files, and NYPD Blue. Married since 1992, Kaczmarek and Whitford have a daughter and son and live in Los Angeles.