‘Made in Jersey’ Star Janet Montgomery

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on October 8, 2012


What part of New Jersey is the actress from who stars in the new show “Made in Jersey?”
Roman Castellano, Toledo, Ohio
Janet Montgomery, who plays the role of Martina Garretti in CBS’s “Made in Jersey,” would be happy to learn that you actually believe she is from the Garden State. But in reality, the 26-year-old actress hails from Dorset, England. 
Truth be told, she was working in England when the pilot came her way, so she had to audition from there. Being so distant, she wasn’t sure how much of an accent the producers were looking for the character to have, but she did some research to try to get it right—but she jokes, not by watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” 
“I’d never been to New Jersey at the time, so I sort of looked at New Jersey on the map and looked at the actors that were from there,” she says. “There’s such a wide variety of accents that have come out of New Jersey. I picked Mira Sorvino because she can camp up her accent, especially back in 1992, there was a rawness to the way she spoke. So she was someone that I listened to. And then ‘Working Girl’ to get that humor and to get that kind of working class, good girl, underdog feel to the voice.” 
“Made in Jersey” is the story of a working-class New Jersey girl who is hired by an upscale New York City law firm, where she shows off her street smarts, while struggling to fit into the corporate environment. Montgomery had originally made the move to the U.S. because her career was foundering in the U.K., where the TV and film industry isn’t as large. 
Once in Hollywood, she quickly landed roles in the horror films “The Hills Run Red” and “Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead,” but she was running out of money when she was cast as Eric’s assistant Jennie on the TV series “Entourage.” 
“I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was getting close on big jobs and finally ‘Entourage’ came along,” she says—and she was saved!