Actress Janice Rule

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on March 13, 2005

Whatever became of Janice Rule? She used to be married to Ben Gazzara.
—Maria P., Idaho

Actress Janice Rule, a native of Norwood, Ohio (pop. 21,675), died in 2003 at age 72 at her New York City home. A dancer in her teens, she found her way into the movies, debuting in the 1951 film Goodbye My Fancy, and appeared on the cover of Life magazine as a rising star. She went on to star in Bell, Book and Candle, The Swimmer and Three Women. In the 1960s she became interested in psychoanalysis, eventually earning a doctorate in the field and practicing in New York and Los Angeles. She and actor Ben Gazzara, her third husband, were married from 1961 until 1979. She was survived by two daughters, Kate Thom Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gazzara.