Jason Gedrick After ‘Luck’

Celebrity Q&A
on October 29, 2012
What is Jason Gedrick doing now that “Luck” has been canceled?
Brielle Shapiro, Davenport, Iowa.
Despite the early cancellation of “Luck,” Gedrick, 47, is not missing from the tube. He has two very different projects on in November: “The Wishing Tree” for the Hallmark Channel and his continuing role on Showtime’s “Dexter.”
Gedrick is best known for playing characters with an edge, but in “The Wishing Tree” he takes on the role of a teacher at a posh boarding school who not only has to help three Christmas “orphans” make it through the holiday season when they are unable to be with their families, but he also has to face his own holiday demons.
So why would the Chicago, Ill.-born actor decide to put aside playing mobsters and cops?
“I thought about the mentors in my life and why I was able to overcome some things and do what I was capable of doing in my life. It boiled down to the memories of very honest, influential people who had the guts to tell it to me like it is. I thought the script had a parallel link to the people who had a positive effect in my life,” he says.
Gedrick, who was diagnosed with dyslexia, says he also had an understanding of what the students in “The Wishing Tree” were going through, because he, too, felt a bit of an outcast in high school because of his difficulty reading.
“I found other ways to get good grades by any means necessary, let’s say. I felt socially outcast even though I pretended to be whoever I thought would fit in with different groups of people.”
As for “Dexter,” if you haven’t seen any of this season, Gedrick’s character George is more of what we expect him to play: a man on the wrong side of the law, who runs a gentlemen’s club called the Fox Hole for a Ukrainian mobster involved in drug trafficking.
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