Actresses Jean and Liz Sagal

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on November 10, 2002

Several years ago there was a television comedy called Double Trouble that starred two very talented twins. What happened to them?
—Susan Z., Indiana

Jean and Liz Sagal, now 41 years old, are still in the entertainment business, but they've worked mostly behind the cameras since their short-lived sitcom went off the air. Liz, who played Allison in Double Trouble from 1984-85, now writes for television shows. Her credits include Mad About You and Two Guys and a Girl. Jean, who played Kate, works as a director and technical coordinator. The twins also guest-starred on the series Picket Fences and other shows. Jean and Liz started out as dancers and made their movie debut in Grease 2. It's no surprise that the Sagals ended up in show biz. Their father, the late Boris Sagal, was a director. Their mother, who passed away when the twins were just 14 years old, was one of the first women producers in Hollywood. Older sister Katey is an actress, best known for playing Peg Bundy on Married With Children.