Actress Jean Smart

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on January 12, 2003

Is Jean Smart working on any projects? I loved her on Designing Women.
—Jason W., Ohio

Turn your television to NBC at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time Tuesdays to catch Jean Smart in In-Laws. The show is about a newlywed couple that moves back home with the wife's parents to save money so the husband can attend cooking school. Smart, 43, plays the wife's mother. She has kept busy since leaving Designing Women in 1991 after working on the show for five seasons. After leaving the series, Smart appeared in feature films such as The Brady Bunch Movie, The Odd Couple II, and numerous television movies. She also starred in two other short-lived comedy series—High Society and Style and Substance. Smart recently appeared in the Broadway revival of The Man Who Came to Dinner, earning a Tony Award nomination. She also had a high-profile recurring role on Frasier and won two Emmys for her work on the show. Smart met her husband, actor Richard Gilliland, on the set of Designing Women. They have one son.