Actress Jean Stapleton

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on January 19, 2003

I've never heard any personal information about actress Jean Stapleton. Is she married, children? We still watch reruns of All in the Family.
—Sadie M., North Carolina

The actress who played lovable dingbat Edith Bunker had a long, happy marriage that produced two children. Stapleton, who turned 80 Jan. 19, married William Putch, a producer and director, in 1957, and they remained together until his death in 1983. Their children, John and Pamela, both followed their parents' footsteps into show business. Pamela is a producer and actress, and John is an actor-screenwriter-producer-director. You might remember him as Valerie Bertinelli's friend in the show One Day At A Time, and he's appeared in numerous other television shows and movies. Stapleton, a native New Yorker, had a few relatives in show business, but attended Hunter College and worked as a secretary for a while before turning to acting in the theater herself. She worked regularly on Broadway and appeared in some movies also, but it was All in the Family that made her a household name. She continues to work on stage and in films.