Country Star Jeff Bates

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on October 23, 2005

Jeff Bates Defines Good People

"When the chips are down, they're there for you." That's how country singer Jeff Bates defines "good people," which is also the title of his new CD. Bates knows from experience how "good people" rely on each other, especially when times are lean and tough. "We didn't have much and didn't know there was much to have," Bates says of his upbringing in rural Bunker Hill, Miss.

Good People continues the autobiographical, upfront honesty the singer introduced in his first album in direct numbers like the sympathetic The Woman He Walked On, the touching No Shame and the working-man's anthem Blood, Sweat and Beer. The emotional One Second Chance hits especially close to home. "This song is probably my personal favorite on the whole CD, because I am that guy," he says. "This song's for anybody who needs forgiving or needs to do some forgiving."

Bates' astonishing voice and solid work ethic got him started at the young age of 17. Busier than ever nearly 20 years later, he's never lost sight of his mission. "I make honest music about real life that connects with people," Bates says.