Jeff Lewis of ‘Interior Therapy’

Celebrity Q&A
on April 30, 2012


Now that Jeff Lewis is doing Interior Therapy, does that mean there will not be any more episodes of Flipping Out?
—Nancy Andrews, Bakersfield, Calif.
Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis has not caused the demise of Flipping Out, new episodes of which will air later this year—most likely during the summer. But one reason for the new show is to allow the Orange County, Calif.-born real-estate speculator and interior decorator the opportunity to allow people to really see what he can do. 
“Mostly Flipping Out has been focusing on construction,” says Lewis, 42. “Because we only have a week doing these homes [on Interior Therapy], we do construction, but we do a lot more furnishings and accessories. Believe it or not, I felt I was actually weak in that department, but the show has helped sharpen my skills in that arena and I actually am really proud of the reveals.” 
Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, airing on Bravo, follows Lewis, his assistant, Jenni Pulos, and his loyal housekeeper, Zoila Chavez, as they take over someone’s home to redesign not only their space, but their lives. And while the focus of the show is different than Flipping Out, the two series have something in common—what you see is real. 
“The day I move in is the day I first see the house,” says Lewis. “I have to furnish it in 48 hours. That means everything has to be in stock. Try finding 12 dining room chairs in stock! You really have to work with what you have. It is hard because I am used to walking into any store and buying what I want for my clients.”
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