Actress Jennifer Beals

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on April 16, 2011

Did Jennifer Beals do any special training for her new role on The Chicago Code?
—Fred House, Deerfield, Ill.

Since she is playing a supervisor, Chicago native Beals, 47, doesn’t do a lot of chasing criminals on the TV series. But she did take part in ride-alongs to get a feel for what real Chicago cops experience on a daily basis. “It just blew my mind. I wouldn’t last on the street for 30 seconds. I would hide in the car,” she jokes. “Now, when I’m in Chicago and I see a cop car go by, I’m like, ‘There are my boys. Those are my girls.’ I feel really proud of them because they work so hard to keep us safe. I know that sounds corny, but they do so under such incredible circumstances.”