Jennifer Love Hewitt TV Roles

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on May 26, 2012


What role does Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoy more: The Client List or Ghost Whisperer? And will she ever record again?
–Wallace Travers, Topeka, Kan.
The characters of Riley Parks from The Client List and Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer are such completely different women. But "there's one common theme between them," says the Waco, Texas-born actress, 33, "which is their empathy, and that is something I apparently am very attracted to in the characters that I play, because I loved that about Melinda and really do love that about Riley." 
"I think Riley‚ quite possibly to a fault‚ is one of the most empathetic people I've ever met, and I think that's a really lovely quality, and it's hard to find in a human being. I like that about her and Melinda was that way as well, so in that way they were sort of similar, but I couldn't choose a favorite one." 
As for getting back into the recording studio, Hewitt has no immediate plans. The series is keeping her busy, but she is definitely interested in revisiting that aspect of her career someday. She did do a music video for The Client List to the tune of 'Hey, Big Spender,' so she is interested in incorporating music into the new series at some point. 
"We played around early on with the fact that Riley possibly had other dreams when she was younger‚ maybe being a singer or doing something like that. So if we get lucky enough‚ knock on wood‚ to do another season or two, we'd like to find a place in the series if possible to work in some music."