Actress Jennifer O’Dell

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on July 7, 2002

Please tell me about Jennifer O'Dell of the show The Lost World.
—Bill C., Ohio

The 27-year-old California native spent a bit of her childhood in Hawaii. When she was 8, her family moved back to California and she began taking acting, singing, and dancing lessons. She appeared in her first commercial that year and never lost the acting bug. Her credits include the television series Beverly Hills 90210, Diagnosis Murder, and The Profiler. She also appeared in the feature films Molly and Sometimes They Come Back … For More. You may also recognize her from the Backstreet Boys video for Everybody. As Veronica, the woman who serves as the guide to the dinosaur-filled Lost World, O'Dell is like a female, civilized Tarzan. She loves to exercise and trained to be certified as a spinning instructor. The spinning workout, done on a stationary bicycle, keeps her in shape for the show. She also likes to do her own stunts on the show as often as possible. She is single and spends eight months of every year in Australia where the show is filmed.