Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

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on September 14, 2003

One of my favorite TV shows is The Amazing Race. Can you tell me anything about the man who produced it? I think his name is Jerry, but that's all I know.
—Christina, Indiana

You are thinking about Jerry Bruckheimer, who is amazingly successful in both movies and television. Bruckheimer, a top-grossing movie producer of films such as Beverly Hills Cop, Armageddon, Top Gun, and Pearl Harbor, also has three hit television shows on CBS—CSI, CSI: Miami, and Without A Trace. The reality show The Amazing Race, in which contestants race around the globe for a cash prize, returned this summer for its fourth series. Bruckheimer, 57, is not resting on his laurels, though. His recent movies include Pirates of the Carribean, Bad Boys II, and Veronica Guerin. Bruckheimer, who grew up in Detroit, is married and has a horse farm in Kentucky. He broke into movies with the surprise 1983 hit Flashdance, which he produced with his late partner, Don Simpson.