Comedians Dean Martin and Jerry Lee Lewis

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on October 22, 2006

Q Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were such a great comedy team, but I've heard they didn't get along personally. Is that true?
—Bradley Bueller, Bedford, N.M.

"Dean and Jerry were the first post-World War II superstars," says Rick Saphire, Jerry Lewis' personal representative. "Their public appearances generated a hysterical fan reaction unmatched until the advent of Elvis Presley. They worked together for 10 years in movies, nightclubs and television. Like all artists, they had ups and downs and eventually moved in different directions. The real point is not why they broke up, but that the two talented comedians worked together for 10 years." Martin died in 1995. Lewis, 80, has been national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association for more than 50 years.