Singer Jerry Reed

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on April 24, 2005

What is Jerry Reed doing now?

—Stephanie C., California

The country singer and guitarist has just released a new CD, Live Still, which is a live recording of eight of his greatest hits, such as When You’re Hot, You’re Hot and Amos Moses, and two new songs. Reed, 68, says the album happened by accident when he invited producer Chet Hinesley to a show in Parsons, Kan. (pop. 11,514), to record a new song. “Well, that booger got out on the road with this digital box thing—I’m high-tech ignorant—and he just started at the top of the show and recorded the whole thing, unbeknownst to the band and me,” Reed says. “We listened to it and said, ‘Man, the band was really on and I didn’t do too bad myself. Let’s just make an album out of the show.'” Reed, who lives in Brentwood, Tenn. (pop. 23,445), with his wife Priscilla, still performs about 30 shows annually. “That’s our life, getting out there in the hinterland with friends and neighbors,” he says. “I’m very serious about that. When I was young, I didn’t know what it all meant.” Reed, who also landed parts in the movies Smoky and the Bandit and The Waterboy, has no more acting plans. “I had to make a choice, and my first love has always been that guitar and music,” says the father of two. “There is nothing like the feedback from a live performance. You don’t get that in movies.”