‘Jersey Girls’ Book Review

Editor's Picks
on May 31, 2011

Jersey Girls
By Marie Moss & Barri Leiner Grant
Hardcover, 208 pages ($20)

If your idea of a “Jersey girl” begins and ends with TV’s Jersey Shore and Snooki, you need this clever, campy, smart ’n’ sexy guidebook for a true appreciation of Garden State femininity. With vintage and contemporary photography, a helpful and hilarious lexicon (“Tawk”) and chapters on style and food, it’s a colorful sweep through the pop culture of a state that produced an amazing bumper crop of actresses (Meryl Streep, Brooke Shields, Susan Sarandon), singers (Connie Francis, Whitney Houston, Debby Boone, Leslie Gore), movers, shakers and other American luminaries, all enshrined in a section called the Jersey Girl Hall of Fame.

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