Voice Actor Jim Cummings

Celebrity Q&A, People
on January 1, 2012

Q: I just saw the new Disney Winnie the Pooh movie. Who is the voice of Pooh?

—Jenny Lang, Ocala, Fla.

Jim Cummings, 59, speaks for Winnie the Pooh, a role he took over in 1988 following in the shoes of Sterling Holloway and Hal Smith. Cummings also lends his talents to Tigger in the new movie, replacing the late Paul Winchell.

"I am probably more Tigger than Pooh," admits the native of Youngstown, Ohio. "He is more boisterous and fun."

The voice actor with more than 100 credits to his name, including Princess and the Frog, The Lion King, Bee Movie, Aladdin and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, began his career in 1984. The father of four says he realized he had this special ability as young as age 4 when he made animal noises in the back of the classroom and got reprimanded by his teacher. "I wasn't Robin Williams, but I had my fair share of silliness," he recalls.