Singers Jimmy and Carol Owens

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on May 15, 2005

I remember, in the late 1960s, Christian singers Jimmy Owens and his wife, Carol Owens. What are they doing now?
—Mark D., Indiana

Jimmy, 74, and Carol, 73, are semi-retired and living in Chino, Calif. (pop. 67,168). The Grammy- and Dove-nominated songwriters, who have composed more than 250 songs and 12 musicals, spend most of their time writing books. They've written five books, including the recent God Songs: How to Write and Select Songs for Worship. "We felt the Lord was telling us to be responsible for the generation coming up," says Jimmy of their foray into book publishing. "The books are a way of passing on what we've learned so the next generation can carry it on." Their children, Buddy and Jamie, also are in ministry. You can read more about the Owens at