Hostess Joan Lunden

Celebrity Q&A, People
on March 30, 2008

Joan Lunden is my all-time-favorite TV hostess. What's she doing nowadays?
—Celia Johannson, Pella, Iowa

Lunden, 57, who co-hosted Good Morning America from 1980 to 1997, remains busy and involved with a variety of projects both in and out of the spotlight. The New York-based mother of seven travels as a motivational speaker, works for Michael Bolton Charities to protect women and children, and has been a spokeswoman for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, the American Lung Association and the American Red Cross. Last year, she launched Reveille, a women's health-and-wellness summer camp in Maine, and she also hosts Hometown Heroes, a new series on DirecTV's satellite channel The 101.