Anchor Jodi Applegate

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on March 13, 2005

What happened to Jodi Applegate? I used to enjoy watching her on the Today show.
—Darla B., New York

After Jodi Applegate appeared on the Today show in 1999, she spent four years in Boston working at WFXT, the Fox affiliate. Late last year, Applegate, 40, moved back to New York City to co-anchor Fox's Good Day New York. "Every work place is a different experience, whether it's network or local," says Applegate, a Pittsburgh native. "I enjoyed my time in Boston—there is a high quality of life there. I was able to live in the ‘burbs' and have a 10-minute commute, which was a nice change of pace. Now I'm in the city, but I'm close to Central Park, so it's almost like having a huge yard. We're trying to create a suburban experience in the city. I get up at 4 a.m., and I'm at work by 4:30, so I didn't want a long commute. We bought an apartment, in an old building, which we're renovating, which is fun," says Applegate, whose husband, Rob Nikoleski, is a sportscaster, currently looking for a new job. "In television, you tend to have to move around. I welcome every new experience," she says.