‘Melissa & Joey’ Actor Joey Lawrence

Celebrity Q&A
on July 21, 2011

All of a sudden Joey Lawrence has hair on Melissa & Joey. What’s up with that?
—Butch Gershan, Champaign, Ill.

Hair issues for Lawrence, 35, began when he played Joey Russo on the 1990-1995 sitcom Blossom and he had to keep his locks long for the role. When he finally was able to cut it, he shaved his head.

“It was good to get rid of it,” he says. “So I did and started working up a storm. I did a movie that way, plus Broadway, Dancing With the Stars and CSI: NY.

When Lawrence started filming the first half of season one of the ABC Family comedy Melissa & Joey, on which he plays a “manny” to the niece and nephew of a politician (Melissa Joan Hart), he still maintained his shaved head. For the second half of the season, he—and his character—let his hair go.

It was as simple as that. “There was so much unnecessary chatter about whether I was follicly challenged or not, so I just grew it back,” he says.

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