Singer Joey McIntyre

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on July 25, 2004

How has Joey McIntyre’s approach to touring changed since his days with New Kids on the Block?

—Anita M., Texas

“When I was a kid, or I should say, ‘New Kid,’ I just jumped on a bus and went,” says McIntyre, who lives in Venice, Calif. “I didn’t worry about much. I had all the energy in the world—kind of invincible, blind youth. Now as a solo artist in my—ahem—very early 30s, it is more tenuous. When I’m onstage, I like to give it all I’ve got, so that means when I’m offstage, I really need to rest. If I don’t get a nap in, I kind of freak out. It doesn’t sound very rock and roll, but Bruce Springsteen takes a lot of naps and he’s the Boss, so I guess it’s the new rock and roll.” McIntyre, who has also launched a successful acting career, recently released a new CD titled 8:09, which marks his wedding anniversary date with wife Barrett.