Singer John Denver

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on October 10, 2004

Who was the love of John Denver’s life before he died? Did he have children?

—Donna H., California

Denver, who died in a plane crash at age 53 seven years ago this week, had two children with his first wife, Annie, to whom he was married from 1967 until 1983. Daughter Anna Kate is 28 and son Zachary is 30. He married Cassandra Delaney in 1988 and they divorced in 1993. Their daughter, Jesse Belle, is 15. Last week, BMG Records released John Denver Definitive All-Time Greatest Hits, which contains 20 songs, including 10 No. 1 hits and four never-before-heard tracks. “I think he’s representative of the healthiest and most patriotic characteristics any American could ever have,” says Milt Okun, Denver’s producer. “He is one of the finest American composers, with songs that will continue to be sung from generation to generation. Songs like Take Me Home, Country Roads are sung in choruses, glee clubs and at campfires. His songs are in the bloodstream of America.”