Actor John Enos

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on February 13, 2005

Please tell me if John Enos, who plays Bobby Marsino on The Young and the Restless, is the same guy that played Jesse on Full House.
—Hilda W., North Carolina

You've got your Johns confused. The character of Jesse on Full House was played by John Stamos, 41, who started his career on General Hospital in 1982. The often-bearded John Enos, 42, has worked steadily in television and films since 1992, beginning with Death Becomes Her. He joined The Young and the Restless in 2003, and also has appeared on the TV series Melrose Place and in the movie Phone Booth as the trouble-making Leon. His most recent film was 2004's The Kings of Brooklyn. A native of Boston, he attended Bentley and Salem State colleges. Enos, who lives in Los Angeles and is engaged to Jennie Lee, enjoys bowling, exercising and traveling.